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About Us

We are a US based Importer with our headquarters based in Florida and a Mid Atlantic Regional office in North Carolina. We operate a stateside warehouse facility in New Jersey where we are also a New Jersey State Wholesaler.


Our wholesale network spans across 37 states in the US where we currently sell to 40 individual wholesale partners in those states.

We work closely with our distributor partners in each market to maximize every brand building opportunity for each of our properties we import.


Understanding the specific channels that offer the greatest fit for the strength of each of our brands allows us to maximize the opportunity for exposure and trial and raise the probability of successfully establishing each brand in that specific market.


We diligently work with our distributors to educate their sales force comprehensively on the brand , it's history, it's strengths, and channel by channel opportunity and sales execution tactics for success.


We believe proper planning and preparation facilitates  execution and successful execution breed and environment for continued success.


We take each success as stepping stones to building greater success across all states and all channels within a market. 


 As a wholesaler in the state  of NJ we have a unique understanding of how our wholesale partners operate, what is most important to them as well as the challenges they regularly face across each channel of distribution in a market. 


We utilize this common ground in building a unique relationship built off of understanding and practical knowledge of how to use the strengths of a brand to create an opportunity of viability and sustainability in the market.

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